William A. Cramer

    1959 – B.S. in Physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    1960 – M.S. in Physics at the University of Chicago
    1965 – Ph.D. in Biophysics at the University of Chicago
    1965-1967 – NSF Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of California/San Diego

    2001-present – Henry Koffler Distinguished Professor of Biological Sciences, Purdue University

    Major Research Interests:

    Structure and function of membrane proteins involved in photosynthetic electron transport and energy transduction; cytochrome complexes; ion channels, cellular import, colicins, receptor function.

    Honors, Awards:

    National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship, Univ. California/San Diego 1965-1967;
    NIH (NIGMS) Research Career Development Award, 1970-1975;
    Senior Fellow, European Molecular Biology Org., Univ. of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 1974-1975;
    Annual Reviews, (1977-2012) five Reviews in four different Ann. Rev. fields;
    McCoy Award, Purdue University, Achievements in Science, 1988;
    Plenary Lectures, International Congress of Photosynthesis, 1989, 2004;
    Fellow, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, 1992;
    Fellow, John Simon Guggenheim Foundation, 1992-1993;
    C.F. Kettering Award, Amer. Soc. Plant Physiology, 1996;
    Daniel Arnon Lecture, University of California/Berkeley, 2006;
    Fellow, Biophysical Society, 2007-present;
    Fellow, American Society for the Advancement of Science, 2016-present

    Extramural Service (19 Grants Panels):

    US National Science Foundation; National Research Council; National Institutes of Health, Dept. of Agriculture; Dept. of Energy.
    Editorial Boards: Arch. Biochem. Biophys; Photosyn. Res; J. Bioenerg. Biomembranes, Biochimica Biophysica Acta (Bioenergetics), Biochemical Journal, Biophysical Journal; Journal of Biological Chemistry
    Chair, Gordon Conferences, (i) “Biochemical Aspects of Photosynthesis,”1990; (ii) “Bioenergetics,” 2001.
    Biophysical Society: Chair, Bioenergetics Subgroup, 1989-1992; Organizing Comm., Biophysical Discussions, 1992-1993; Chair, National Mtg., 1996; Council, 1996-2000, Executive Council, 2000-2002; Editor, “Energy Transduction in Biological Membranes” (ed.), Educational Resources.
    FASEB Comm., Ethical Issues in Genetic Res.


    Purdue University:

    Graduate Courses in Bioenergetics, Membrane Proteins, Ethics: Life and Time in Academic Research Labs;
    Undergraduate courses in Cell Biology, Active Transport, Biochemistry Laboratory.


    Books, Textbooks, “Educational Resources”:

    Govindjee, J. Barber, W. A. Cramer, J. H. C. Goedheer, J. Lavorel, R. Marcelle, and B. Zilinskas (eds.).  1987. Excitation Energy and Electron Transfer in Photosynthesis.  Martinus Nijhoff, Dordrecht, 518 pp.
    Cramer, W. A., and D. B. Knaff. 1991. Energy Transduction in Biological Membranes Springer Study Edition [paperback, ISBN 0-387-97533-0]; 579 pp.
    Cramer, W. A., and G. M. Soriano. 2002. Thermodynamics of Membrane Energy Transduction, in Energy Transduction in Membranes (W. A. Cramer, ed.); Educational Resources, Biophysical Society (http://www.biophysics.org/education/mechanisms.htm), 58 pp.
    Cramer, W. A. and T. Kallas, eds. (2016) Cytochrome Complexes: Evolution, Structures, Energy Transduction, and Signaling; pp. 784; volume 41 in the Series “Advances in Photosynthesis and Respiration;” Series Eds. Govindjee & T. Sharkey (Springer, Dordrecht); ISSN 1572-0233; ISBN 978-94-017-7479-6; DOI 10.1007/978-94-017-7481-9.

    Annual Reviews:

    Plant Physiology (1977, 1996),
    Biophysics/Biomolecular Structure (1995),
    Biochemistry (2006),
    Genetics (2012).